Politics & Secularism
Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Aṭ-Ṭarefe

The separation of Religion from politics began in the West; that is because their Religion was corrupt, and it would (only help) corrupt (sound) political administration. The separation in the East began because of the politician being corrupt, and the Religion ending his political (corruption).

Whoever says, ‘Religion has no place in politics’, has taken for worship two gods – one (up) in heaven and one (down) on earth. (Which, of course is unacceptable, as Allāh teaches us)

“Say, ‘Surely my prayer, my worship, my life, and my death are all for Allāh, Lord of all the worlds.’” [6: 162], (i.e He is Lord of both heaven and earth).

Whoever advocates for the removal of Islām from politics, either does not believe in Allāh as the Creator, or does not believe himself to be a created being, or is (outright) opposing the truth. That is because sound reason points to the fact that the Creator (is the one who) knows best what He created.

It is astonishing that a person believes Allāh to be running the celestial bodies (up in heaven) with a complex system from the point of its formation without any fault, but then refuses His (the Most High’s) system (as represented by Islām) of life and governance!

“The creation of the heavens and earth is greater by far than the creation of mankind, though most people do not know it.” [40:57], (i.e if the universe is running under Allāh’s governance so smoothly, as we can observe in the surrounding nature, why is it that we don’t follow Allāh’s governance in our life and politics?!)

They align their watches and clocks every time it stops (back) to the alignment set by Allāh for the sun and moon in their (respective) courses, without fault since the beginning, but then they boast in arrogance of their (achieving great) accuracy…Woe to man! How ungrateful he is!

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